How to Use

How to use the tools:

To use the Co-benefits Evaluation Tools you need to be registered through the UNU-IAS website. The steps are summarized below:


Create New Account
Create New Account





1- Create your account

Go to "Create new account" and register online as a new user.

2- Register your Scenario data

2-1- Go to "Register Your Own Scenario" page, and select your tool (Transport, Energy System or Waster management)

2-2- Fill out the input data form, This form provides the initial data which will be required to set up the database of the tool.

2-3- Submit your form.

3- Download the tool.

Please note that, the software tools are provided in EXCEL Workbook. All worksheets have several Microsoft Visual Basic macros for performing certain functions, explained in the guidebooks, and executing the computations. Your selected tool operates under the Microsoft Excel software (Ver. 2007 and 2010) and can be readily installed on a PC operating in a Windows environment by downloading the file from the website to any selected directory (e.g. C: /programs/ToolName) on the user’s computer.

4- Run the tool on your PC. Enter your username and password which you have selected before. Once the tool software is running, its database is automatically updated via connection to the website (Input data form).

*Whenever you want to change the initial data which you have entered into the input data form before, you need to login the website and modify the scenario data.

5- After finishing use of the tool, click on the button " Upload File To The Server" and upload your final results to the server.